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Public Housing

At this time our waiting lists for Public Housing are closed.

The North Central Florida Regional Housing Authority manages and maintains 154 Public Housing units in the cities of Bronson, Chiefland, Williston, Cedar Key, Trenton, and Branford.

The Public Housing program is designed to provide safe, decent, and sanitary housing conditions for very low-income families and to manage resources efficiently. The family must pay approximately 30% of their monthly adjusted gross household income for rent. The Housing Authority promotes personal, economic, and social upward mobility to provide families the opportunity to make the transition from subsidized to non-subsidized housing.

If you submitted an application with NCFRHA, call 352-486-5420 after 15 business days, which is equivalent to approximately one month, and follow prompts to check your status. If you call prior to the 15th business day, your application will still be pending approval. We are closed every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Legal Holiday. 

  • NCFRHA will review applications for completion and initial eligibility requirements. 
  • NCFRHA does not provide emergency housing.
  • NCFRHA cannot anticipate when an applicant's name will be selected from the waiting list.
  • NCFRHA will not provide additional information on waiting list status other than the information reflected on this website.
  • Applicants will be notified by U.S. Postal Service standard mail of any scheduled appointments.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to keep their address up to date and current with our agency. You may email, mail, or fax your address changes. Include your full name, the last four digits of your Social Security Number along with your new address.
    • You may email your address change. You will receive an email response as your receipt. Please keep this email for your records.
    • You may mail your address change to PO Box 38, Bronson, FL 32621.
    • You may fax your address change to 352-486-5423.
  • NCFRHA is not responsible for any misdirected mail or email due to:
    • an applicant's failure to report a change of address to NCFRHA; or
    • address incorrectly listed on the application or update forms; or
    • difficulties receiving mail from the specific address listed on the application or update form. (i.e., broken mailbox, Post Office delivery, the person at the mailing address did not give mail to the applicant, etc.)
  • NCFRHA will not forward any undelivered mail that does not have a forwarding address on the returned envelope.